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A Pill Is A Moon [Special Edition]


5.9″ X 5.9″

68 pages



This special edition includes the reworked content of the 2016 publication as well as previously unreleased material. The artworks, poems, journal entries and quotes featured here span a period of over 5 years and draw inspiration from mundane hell, the pains of being pure at heart and the distressing face-off with reality.


‘A Pill Is A Moon’ is a product of the synergy between web aesthetics and the impact of the provincial lifestyle on unprepared adults. This creative blend of the early/mid 10’s internet culture with a writing style influenced by the alt-lit movement, stands for a wistful goodbye to the pre-digital world.


“Visual poetry is quite like songwriting. The visual part is wedged to reinforce the narrative in lieu of a melody with each artwork, photo or sketch turning into a canvas for the proper representation of the words. It’s these words and their accompanying images that can’t be perceived as separate entities anymore, thus forming an ensemble that reflects and reclaims the fleeting fragments of NOW.”